Another Booking Double Negative

Earth Work International 2007

Hillside Plaza/Tokyo

Mar.13 - 25

When I planned my travel from New York to the area called the “West Coast”, I had a chance to know certain Tour Guide who introduced sightseeing by car which visits historical places in South Dakota, a transit place between New York and the West Coast.

His tour traces places such as the “holy land” which the native Americans used to worship; the National Park of the U.S.A.; and, Las Vegas which is known as gambling town. It seems that this is a motivation to define the fuzziness of tourists floating over the “navigation skill” in the land of nomadic tribes and Western settlers.

The Tour Guide has his blog, and the faces of the tourists in it were telling me what is mentioned above. The extremely huge pictures with the monuments of the past Presidents carved on the wall of rocks as background shows that his greatest concern is there.

It is interesting to see the monuments from a different angle. They seem to be teasing a “transubstantiation” of themselves. The walls used to be worshiped as “Big Beings” in the language of the Sioux tribe. The monuments were carved on them. They harbor what is so called “nomadism” and Western frontier’s values in traveling. With tourists who are unaware of such a history, something new is born.

Finding this discrepancy, I planned to climb and film the monuments in order to gaze at a few sediments floating over their history of travel. I desired to meet the Tour Guide with this planned work as my humble present.