Art Path 2006

Ibaraki, Japan

Jan.3 - 31, 2002

In the exhibition venue, two pictures on PC, a booth with a model of a cave and some text are displayed, and all of these are comprehensively entitled “Overtitled”. In the video tape, an artist starts the conversation with puzzling expressions such as “I don’t even know where I want to go”, and never tells taxi drivers his destination. This is how each driving goes on until it reaches a “good place” to stop.
Conversations while wandering in the city often find the destination. Then, another trifling conversation starts and again an opportunity to get out of the car is lost. Every time, it ends up with a bill asking for four thousands to five thousands yen or forty thousands to fifty thousands yen. These conversations start by trying to take a taxi without raising a hand and continue to the vivid point where common intentions of two people and commonsense of economic activity meet each other. Just like in “Architecture without Architects” written by Bernard Rudofsky, the conversations go on while involving “another creator” standing between a land and people.
The screen goes on reproducing the media to quietly meet one more creator.