Cao Gang River meeting practice

67min, 10 channel video installation
Zendai Zhujiajiao Art Space

Shanghai, China

31°06'40.2"N, 121°03'17.9"E

Oct.22 - Nov.13

This video work is a documentation of a meeting practice that makes discuss how can we share the con ict between the new town developing and keeping ancient culture in Zhujiajiao ancient water town through sailing Cao Gang River. Two boats will make a journey are directed by the discussion with local peoples, a curator, a journalist and an artist who have opinions and questions for the town developing was started from 2006. Each session will be mutual eavesdropped and kept under surveillance by themselves through CCTV systems and hacking the camera of wireless network for making transparences of the meeting practice. This project aim to innovate the hidden structure behind the meeting on the boat that is rerated with political meeting as like the congress on Lake Nanhu : the rst congress of the Chinese communist party, through the discussion with several local people under surveillance. This practice is one of the visual approach for the issue how historical/chronological facts can be innovated by our excessive self-disclosure after the Snowden affair in 2013.