synopticon eyes

1min 38sec, single channel video
S.Y.P, Tokyo

Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

35°41'38.0"N 139°43'14.0"E

May.26 - 27

After 2013, the global surveillance disclosures released to media by Edward Snowden has caused tension in our social relations of privacy with several government. On the other hand, some people seem to start exposing their personal life hardly/drastically by SNS through joining to public nature in the cyber-space. Yamada did self-shooting project by taking off the privacy tape on the camera of his mobile phone and also own camera. This project is capturing the scape of surveillance for public in Tokyo, also including civil against activity for Japanese government does steamrolling the anti-conspiracy bill in such a moment. Through this practice, Yamada is seeking the possibility how the structure of our synopticon society can be changed to the way of approaching to the government or such a Meta organizations.