BSIM (The BEPPU Subterranean Innards Museum)

BSIM (solo exhibition)
platform 02

Beppu, Oita, Japan

33°16'09.35"N, 131°29'45.35"E

Nov.5 - 30

After the earthquake disaster in the Tohoku area, I was delaying my return to Tokyo and decided to stay in Beppu. During my stay, I came across an urban legend about an underground path, which is believed to stretch underneath the city. As my interest grew I gathered some information and started to meet with the locals.

The underground path is believed to have been left over after the U.S. military occupation period, and I was driven by this belief to find out more. Also the idea of the hardships suffered after WW2 and the economic growth that was brought by the military occupation.
Overlooking Beppu Park, which now has no trace of the occupation period whatsoever, I gradually started to think that this was ground zero. This wide network of empty underground space started to grow in my thoughts and I began to think of it as an internal organ. I was driven by a desire to wander around the tunnels as innards system and subterranean heat of Beppu. I then came up with the idea of expressing my thoughts and transforming it into a museum, freeing it from the deadly original purpose of its construction.

This underground museum with no collections but with diffuse patterns will lead viewers on an imaginative journey and let them experience the gradual dissolution of this underground but internal structures of the Beppu city.